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The Law Office of Virginia Carter is proud to represent the citizens of Tarrant, Parker, Dallas, Denton and and surrounding counties. We specialize in Criminal Law. Any case, no matter how minor, is VERY IMPORTANT to us. Before talking to the police or any law enforcement agency, CALL US!

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As a former prosecutor with the district attorney’s office and the city attorney’s office, Virginia Carter is ready to fight your case. With over 15 years of experience as an attorney, Virginia Carter has first-hand knowledge into how the criminal justice system functions and can use this prior knowledge to protect your interest. Since she has been on both sides of criminal cases she has insider knowledge into what it will take to help you with your case.

We handle Misdemeanors including DWI, Theft, Possession of Marijuana, Criminal Mischief, Driving While License Invalid, Family Violence Assault, Non-Family Assault and any other Class A or Class B Misdemeanor. These types of cases may require a client to perform community service and/or some type of class in order for US to get YOU the BEST outcome. We work with YOU, our client, to find the best solution to YOUR criminal case!

That means we handle traffic tickets, CDL tickets, Class C minors with alcohol (DUI) or drug (paraphernalia) tickets, Class C Assaults, Class C thefts, Code violations, Class C Warrants and more.

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  • Over 17 years of Experience
  • Experience in Occupational Drivers Licenses
  • Strong Background and experience in Juvenile Law
  • Personal and Respectful Personalized Service to All
  • Former Assistant District Attorney - Knows the Legal System Well