Assault & Family Violence Attorney

We handle Family Violence Assault, Non-Family Assault and any other Class A, B or C Misdemeanors. These types of cases may require a client to perform community service and/or some type of class in order for US to get YOU the BEST outcome. We work with YOU, our client, to find the best solution to YOUR criminal case!

Speaking of best solutions, there are many ways to get YOUR case dropped to a lower offense or dismissed. We want to help YOU get the best outcome for YOUR case. YOU may be eligible for a diversion program if offered by the County where YOUR case is pending. These programs allow a participant to enroll in a “non-judicial probation,” and if successfully completed, YOUR case can be ultimately dismissed!

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Over 17 years of Experience
  • Experience in Occupational Drivers Licenses
  • Strong Background and experience in Juvenile Law
  • Personal and Respectful Personalized Service to All
  • Former Assistant District Attorney - Knows the Legal System Well