LiquidIf YOU have a Misdemeanor or Felony DWI pending, please call, email or come in ASAP. It is important to get ahead of your DWI case. Virginia Carter will help you understand the convoluted process of the legal system. At OUR office, we walk you through the process, step by step, from start to finish–from arrest to Trial.

  • One of the first steps in this process is the ALR license hearing. YOU or OUR office must set up a hearing within 15 days of YOUR arrest, in order to contest your license suspension.
  • Next, YOU are probably eligible to get an “Occupational Driver’s License” if your Driver’s License is suspended at the ALR hearing. This license enables YOU to drive to work, home, school and to perform essential household duties. YOU may be allowed to drive up to 12 hours in any 1 day for the entire period of suspension.
  • The next step is to get a Court date, see all the Government’s evidence, including the video of YOUR stop, and to get the legal ball rolling. There will be MANY Court dates before this process is over. The Court will require both the Attorney and the Client to attend all Court dates or the Judge may order a warrant for YOUR arrest.
  • Another important step is to decide whether YOU want a trial or to plead guilty and take probation. If YOU decide to “take a plea,” keep in mind that the law forbids “Deferred Adjudication” on DWI’s, so this case will be on YOUR record forever. You may be asked to perform some tasks up front for your DWI, in order to get a more favorable outcome: “DWI Education Class,” 24+ hours community service hours at a non-profit venue, “The Victim Impact Panel” (found on the MADD website), a “Drug and Alcohol Evaluation.”
  • The Final step is to go to take Probation or go to Trial. With Probation, the classes, community service, and evaluation are required. If YOU perform all the tasks beforehand, the Judge may consider a lower fine, less probation, allow YOU to serve jail time instead of probation, and other options. In addition, if you take Probation, there will be a fine and Court costs, a once-a-month (at least) check-in with a probation officer and a 3-year surcharge on your Driver’s License and the tasks required by the Judge and Probation Officer. If YOU decide to go to Trial, the case will be put on the Trial docket, and the case could be continued for a couple of weeks to a year. The Trial process is not for everyone. YOU and Virginia Carter will look at YOUR video, talk about the State’s evidence and probation or jail-time offer, and then discuss the pros and cons of a Trial so that YOU can make the best decision for YOU.

If YOUR son or daughter or YOU have a DUI (Driving Under the Influence under 21) Class C ticket, call us immediately! We can help YOU fight this ticket. It is important to hire Counsel for a DUI ticket because of Driver’s License ramifications, including license suspension, using the DUI to enhance a future DWI, future problems with a DUI on one’s driving record and permanent criminal record, to name a few. This kind of Driving Under the Influence case is the only “DWI” that can be deferred. Don’t just plead guilty! Virginia Carter will advise YOU on the best option for YOUR case.

We also handle Driver’s License issues stemming from a DWI or if YOU have just paid tickets in the past, including help with Surcharges, Applications for Indigency, “OMNI” or Failure to Appear holds on YOUR Driver’s License, Occupational Driver’s Licenses, “ALR” Suspension Hearings, DPS Driver’s License hearings, Medical Suspensions and more. LET US HELP YOU unravel YOUR Driver’s License headaches!

What Sets Us Apart?

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  • Experience in Occupational Drivers Licenses
  • Strong Background and experience in Juvenile Law
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